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Thank you for considering JKROCK, LLC for your new home. Our team of professionals strives to make this process as easy as possible, so if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.
The following information explains our acceptance criteria by which all applicants must qualify. Please be sure that all adult members of the household complete a separate application. Additionally, members of the household (including minors) must be listed on each application. Once your application has been reviewed to ensure it is complete and accurate, we will then perform the following four checks; Housing Reference, Credit Report, Conviction Records Check, and an Income Check.

Once we have collected the above data, we will evaluate it through our acceptance criteria as follows:

1. Housing Reference – We will contact current and previous housing providers (someone of a non-bias source) to confirm that you and each adult member is in good standing with the provider(s). A good housing reference would consist of timely rental payments (no more than 2 late payments per 12 months), abiding by lease policies/rules/regulations, showing respect for your neighbors and the property, and willingness on behalf of the provider to re-rent or renew your lease. Applicants without two years of verifiable housing may have the opportunity to secure a qualified co-signer. The co-signer must meet our acceptance criteria.  

2. Credit Report - We will be performing a credit check through Tans Union. We will cross-reference your credit report with the information you have provided on your application, checking for all information to be consistent. We will also evaluate your credit history focusing on housing related issues, utility bills and payment history. Medical and student loans are not considered. Any delinquent housing accounts, utility bills, or rental judgments appearing on the credit report will result in automatic denial. In general we look for a payment history of at least 36 months of on time payments with no more than 2 late payments per 12-month period. The 36 months must be comprised of at least 3 accounts, one of which should have at least 24 months of good payments. Student loans, loans not in repayment, and medical accounts are not considered. If an applicant’s credit is close to this, we may consider a good co-signer.

3. Income – We will need to have proof of income for all adult members residing in the unit. This may include but is not limited to, paychecks, child support, SSI (Social Security Income). The total gross income of all adult members residing in the unit must be 2.5 times greater than or equal to the rent established for that unit.

4. Conviction Records Check - A conviction records check will be preformed through the State of Wisconsin and other states that you have lived in. We will be looking your past conviction records to check for housing related convictions as well as convictions that would be considered a danger to the property or the residents of the neighborhood.
Our acceptance criteria are designed to be a fair and a reasonable way for JKROCK, LLC to provide equality to all applicants. We are required to, and proudly do, comply with all Federal, State and Local fair housing regulations. Therefore, we cannot make any exceptions to the above criteria. If you have any questions or comments regarding these criteria, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for considering making your next home with JKROCK, LLC. 

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