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Top 3 reasons you will LOVE having
your property managed by jkROCK:

1. Josh and Kayla do more than lead a management company and collect fees. They also own apartments themselves, and as a result, know how apartment owners think. They’ve set up their management fees to only be a percentage of the gross revenue, thereby tying them directly to the income which the owners receive.  They do not get paid extra for overseeing maintenance staff, which keeps them honest about the work needing to be done to best serve the residents and owners. This makes their primary motivation focused on improving the gross income for the property while improving service for the residents, and as a result, increasing the owner's return on investment.

2. jkROCK has first-hand experience in turning run down properties into skillfully managed ones. They know what is needed to make a property successful. 

3. jkROCK has a consistent record of maintaining high occupancy levels. They have successfully managed apartments at full capacity, been able to make improvements for the residents, kept the property in great condition, while simultaneously bringing in more cash flow and income for their investors.
The Story of jkROCK:

jkROCK property management was founded and is lead by Josh and Kayla Gierach.  It was born on January 2nd, 2014.

jkROCK was a dream of Josh’s starting in his early 20’s and took him close to 10 years of training, hard work and planning to come to realize.  Josh felt he had a calling to Real Estate and property management and not long after starting, realized he indeed loved it!  When he took over his first property of 90 apartments in February of 2004, it had been poorly managed and was in rough shape. The overall poor management of the property was causing numerous problems for the community and costing the owners large amounts of money every month.  Josh went to work on this property, and was happy to see the positive change in the community and the difference it made in people’s lives, not to mention the significantly improved occupancy rate and bottom line. He has been hooked ever since.

In 2011, Kayla teamed up with Josh and using her background in Visual Communications, they were able to bring their skills of leadership, service, design, organization and creativity together.  Side by side they worked to manage properties under Josh’s business mentor. 

After 10 years of working under Josh's business mentor, Josh and Kayla had purchased enough properties of their own and were able to start their management company.  In January of 2014, jkROCK Property Management was born and now serves Madison’s west side and Verona. Josh and Kayla have a strong desire to make a real difference in the community by providing a safe, clean, well maintained, and peaceful home with huge value for their residents while at the same time providing a consistent return on investment for the owners. 

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