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The Story of Evia Apartments

The development of Evia Apartments began back in early 2000 with the construction of the 36 apartment property. Originally named Prairie Oaks Senior Housing, the property was sold in 2012 and bought by a small group of investors.

The process to buy the building took about 2 years and the primary investor was a family friend of Josh's from Greece. This investor was born and raised in Greece but spent a few years in Wisconsin where he graduated from Marquette University and where he also met his wife, who is from Wisconsin. Together they raised 3 sons in Greece while also building an accounting business.
When the property was purchased, there was confusion over the name because the surrounding properties had a similar name, and to eliminate confusion, the process to choose a new name began.

Josh and Kayla spent some time with the investors at their home in Greece which is located on an island facing the Aegean Sea on one side and mountains on the other. It is a quiet, relaxing, peaceful and beautiful place. The island is called Evia which means “life” in Greek.

With inspiration from this island, the building name was changed to Evia Apartments. This is a wonderful 55+ community filled with people who are active and fun and have plenty of “life” left to live.

Olive trees are well known to have a long life and be very hardy, as well as being very common in Greece.  The picture of the olive tree in the logo represents all of this and is quite fitting for Evia Apartments.

In early 2014, the investor passed away unexpectedly. He was a gifted business man, a generous man, a great provider, a story teller, and a father who was very proud of his 3 sons. He left behind a great legacy of hard work, dedication, and Evia Apartments. The name Evia serves as a great reminder to live life to the fullest, and to serve those around you.

We and the investor's family hope that you will find Evia Apartments to be a place that is peaceful, relaxing, beautiful, and full of life.
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